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Is inequality growing in Australia? If so, will it allow Australia to flourish?

Our call to action is, “We want to help as many Australians as possible to flourish; personally, in their communities, and as the Nation as a whole!” What AMEP can do, directly, is to push for a media narrative that … Continue reading

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Why do journalists not challenge primacy of economic growth?

This article in LinkedIn by Mal Fletcher, UK social futurist and commentator, raises important issues concerning personal and social flourishing, which is the big goal of the Secular Project, Buddhism and Christianity. I’m wondering why serious journalists don’t enquire into … Continue reading

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Are demands for “scientific” evidence in policy making and funding destroying young lives?

Last week, I sat in a facilitated conversation which explored the tragedy of suicide, mostly youth suicide! I heard a train driver talk about the trauma of the vehicle in his control sliding towards a young person, ‘seeing’ the empty … Continue reading

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