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Counter-terrorism: Are we suffering from shallow, simplistic journalism?

Journalists Cecily Huang and Caitlin Gibson go behind the headlines, and speak to one of Australia’s young Muslims, Mohammed Junaid Thorne, experienced journalist, Professor Peter Manning, who specialised in Muslim culture, scholar of Islamic studies, and Shakira Hussein, to check … Continue reading

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Reflecting on the life of Nelson Mandella

From the moment I heard that Nelson Mandella died I was taken by the expressions of grief by famous people and the outpouring of grief that affected so many Australians. His death certainly caused me to reflect on what caused … Continue reading

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What will guide Australia? “Dogma” or “free enquiry”?

This week I came across two media pieces. One was a Ted Talk by Dr Rupert Sheldrake, biologist from the UK, in which he talked about deeply entrenched conflict in the heart of international science. Sheldrake defines science as a … Continue reading

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