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Dark forces of rotting structures, processes and policies!

Dark forces of rotting structures, processes and policies! We need a new media narrative in Australia! Continue reading

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Has journalism fallen prey to “The Market”?

Has Tim Lane named the elephant in the room? That Journalism, as the Fourth Estate to protect democracy, has fallen prey to “the market”! In his piece in the Sunday Age (Melbourne, Australia) today Tim Lane says, “An esteemed Australian … Continue reading

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Reflecting on the life of Nelson Mandella

From the moment I heard that Nelson Mandella died I was taken by the expressions of grief by famous people and the outpouring of grief that affected so many Australians. His death certainly caused me to reflect on what caused … Continue reading

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Those of you who know me personally will know our passion for working towards a type of highly ethical journalism, and other media production, which we believe will strengthen relationships among Australians, and from Australians, relationships with others around the … Continue reading

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