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Judgement is vital for human and social flourishing

Recently, I attended an event sponsored by Accountability Round Table about evaluationĀ of programs proposed by our democratic parliaments forĀ Australian citizens. The speaker was Peter Baume, retired federal minister, who served in the Senate from 1974-1991. In his speech he made … Continue reading

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Is inequality growing in Australia? If so, will it allow Australia to flourish?

Our call to action is, “We want to help as many Australians as possible to flourish; personally, in their communities, and as the Nation as a whole!” What AMEP can do, directly, is to push for a media narrative that … Continue reading

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We need to understand the “Market”

A few weeks ago, in a discussion on media ethics and the formation of fairness, well being and prosperity in Australian society, veteran Journalist Ray Cassin strongly emphasised that if you want to understand media in Australia you need to … Continue reading

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