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Has journalism fallen prey to “The Market”?

Has Tim Lane named the elephant in the room? That Journalism, as the Fourth Estate to protect democracy, has fallen prey to “the market”! In his piece in the Sunday Age (Melbourne, Australia) today Tim Lane says, “An esteemed Australian … Continue reading

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Relational AND Economic Development

AMEP campaigns for increasing fairness, well being and shared prosperity in Australian society. We believe for this to happen “relational development” needs to rank ahead of, and be served by “economic development” in Australian social policy settings. For AMEP “relational … Continue reading

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Four Corners “Cult of Horrors”

Australians need to understand the good, bad and ugly of our society. But journalism isn’t only about revealing what’s wrong. Even though media organisations who employ journalists often depend on this. Journalists need to work from the mindset; ‘make things right!’ Bet you, this would lift trust levels of journalists with their audiences! Continue reading

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Big questions for Australians to think about

Australian society will constantly favour the rich and powerful unless middle class people who care for the vulnerable begin to rationally and intelligently think and become engaged in politics and economic structuring. This issue raised in the Conversation could begin … Continue reading

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Those of you who know me personally will know our passion for working towards a type of highly ethical journalism, and other media production, which we believe will strengthen relationships among Australians, and from Australians, relationships with others around the … Continue reading

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The Word Can Change Society

AMEP exists to engage and encourage journalists to use their craft to improve Australia’s social environment: to be a more just and compassionate society. Yesterday, a number of AMEP associates had an opportunity to engage with Chris Johnston, a senior … Continue reading

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