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Papers and reports on ‘secularism’ as a social theory

Why do journalists not challenge primacy of economic growth?

This article in LinkedIn by Mal Fletcher, UK social futurist and commentator, raises important issues concerning personal and social flourishing, which is the big goal of the Secular Project, Buddhism and Christianity. I’m wondering why serious journalists don’t enquire into … Continue reading

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What is the message for journalists? Last scenes of “The Tunnel”!

The Tunnel was a “must watch” for me over the last 10 weeks. Sometimes I wondered where it was heading. I probably didn’t understand the deep significance of the Truths the Truth Terrorist tried to expose. But, it was good … Continue reading

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Relational AND Economic Development

AMEP campaigns for increasing fairness, well being and shared prosperity in Australian society. We believe for this to happen “relational development” needs to rank ahead of, and be served by “economic development” in Australian social policy settings. For AMEP “relational … Continue reading

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