Our call to social advocates is to robustly, eagerly and powerfully engage and contribute to AMEP’s goal.

09 07 10 Various photos 443 (2)If you accept this call will you stay with AMEP at least through to mid-2016?

AMEP wants to attract people from the arts, business, community services, education, health, justice, law, media, politics, sport, science, economics, cultural anthropology, sociology, psychology, theology and intuitive communications technology.

To contribute effectively you will need to:


  • Explore and understand with AMEP, and others in their particular area of interest, the impact of media ethics, values and agendas (in relation to the AMEP goal) of influential media publications in your area of interest
  • Work with AMEP Media Watchers, to engage and encourage ethical and independent journalists who show considerable focus on your particular area of interest
  • Be equipped and trained to change mindsets among those who influence media ethics, values and agendas affecting your area of interest

We’d also ask for your involvement at any AMEP media engagement events in your city of residence to raise the level of interest in the public work of AMEP.

The evidence we’ll see of your work will include:

  • Number of engagements with journalists
  • Informative reports from meetings with journalists
  • Online commentary informed by these reports
  • Evidence of networking among your peers in your particular area of interest
  • Evidence of shift in mindset in media content in the various areas of interest; towards AMEP’s goal
  • Evidence of networks in the various areas of interest spreading between Melbourne and Sydney
  • Publications within the various areas of interest questionning the social impact of media ethics, values and agendas on the work of the various areas, and pointing to better ways
  • Level of online commentary concerning the subject of AMEP’s goal
  • Innovative ideas from online commentary towards changed mindset for journalists
  • Evaluated training of AMEP activists


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