Our goal is to become an effective hub of opinion, commentary and discourse on the media narratives that shape Australian society.


As you engage with AMEP, if you think our goal is a good one, and the way we go about achieving it makes sense, why don’t you join the hub?

Basically, to shape the culture in which we live, we think the vast majority of Australians want unity, harmony, fairness, well being, and a ‘fair’ share of our national prosperity. In other words, the majority want sustainable personal, community and social flourishing.

As a starting point, we assert that Australians, and their families and communities, generally reject an economic model based on “survival of the fittest!” It is better to govern for the “common good”, rather than the vested interests of influential opinion leaders!

Now, if this desire for flourishing for the “common good” is the narrative of that vast majority of Australian families and communities, journalists must describe how this is working for us!

Are they doing this? Or, are they caught in media agendas that work for other interests?

Our opinion, commentary and discourse needs to hold Australian journalists accountable to serve the public interest of Australians, and their families and communities. Certainly, not the interests of the media organisations with whom they might be employed! And, not even their career interests!

This “public interest” is very important. Politicians can be legally sanctioned if they put any interest ahead of the public interest. Therefore, if journalists are going to hold our elected representatives to account, shouldn’t they work to the same principle?

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