Why no resolution to big problems?

A Turkish journalist, threatened with imprisonment if he returns home, observed that Australian journalists did not challenge our Australian government about a “Chinese invasion” of Australia, in “education” and through “investment”. Shortly before, I’d walked to his event through the university precinct where it was held.  As I walked, the number of many, many Chinese faces had stuck me.

What would drive this ‘invasion’, if it exists? Is it about ‘the market’? Or, is it policy development? If it’s about policy development, who does the policy actually intend to help?

Also, in this last week or two, there was superficial reporting in various media about investment by Chinese organisations in Australian agriculture. Not too long before, there were some moves to limit Chinese investment in our residential stock.

But these issues just seem to die down.

We’ve said before our call to action is, “… to help as many Australians as possible to flourish; personally, in their communities, and as the Nation as a whole!” Where we could, we would oppose vested interests, i.e powerful Chinese networks and their Australian acolytes, who benefit from Australia, at the expense of Australians, generally.

On the other hand, we know and graciously accept that Australians” are wonderfully and richly diverse. So, our call to action is not racially based!

All of this makes me wonder what would happen to any independent journalist who asserts within the corridors of media, political and business power that there is an ongoing invasion of Australia by China.

I expect the journalist and his assertion would be strongly silenced through the charge of “Racism!!!”. Or, there could be frightening threats of punishment under national security frameworks. Might we see in the foreseeable future, Australian journalists leaving Australia?

There being no synthesis, another massive potential problem of national and community importance is swept aside by vested interest, cynicism and/or hopelessness and fear!

And, there will be no resolution to improve the personal, community and social flourishing for more and more Australian citizens.

About Bob Simpson

Bob is project manager of The Australian Media Engagement Project (AMEP). He believes that ethical and independent journalists are vital to the continuing freedom of Australian citizens. You could argue that In recent decades media organisations have subtly subverted journalism to their own private commercial interests, and away from an integrated sense of fairness, well being and shared prosperity in Australian society, especially for the disempowered. AMEP aims to change general media narratives towards greater fairness, well being and shared prosperity in Australia.
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