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In the Age today (7/5) Michael Lallo wrote a very challenging article on the SBS documentary Struggle Street on SBS, which caused me to watch it on SBS view on demand. I hadn’t intended to watch it after reading early critiques on the show.

Michael asks his audience, why was the show made in the first place? His conclusion is “perhaps KEO Films wanted to focus on those who don’t have such happy endings.”

I think Michael Lallo is asking me, one of his audience, why does he, and me, and you allow this to happen in our country; one of the most-blessed in the world. What is wrong with our collective values and attitudes, and our social structures and processes, that allows such a waste of human potential? Waste, that is actually a loss to us all as citizens!

The goal of secular Australia is sustained individual, family and social flourishing. Mature secularists know this! It’s also the goal of Christianity. Mature Christians know this! This is also our public interest! So what gets in the way? What is stopping us, the Citizens of this country, from achieving our goal?

What are the big issues we need to resolve on the way to achieving our goal? In a way that transcends entrenched views from the right and the left?

Beyond question, this is a political process!

But we, the citizens of this country, need to take control away from the spin of governments, entrenched vested interests of political parties, and private commercial and media interests that often encourage and feed on this division.

The primary definition of the issue might be, “how do we constantly improve sustainable individual, family and social flourishing in Australia (for all Australians), over the next 20-30 years?

How many people could be encouraged to help solve this issue by synergising the efforts of so many who are working on the struggles of people illustrated in Struggle Street? The technology and methodology is available? All it needs is thoughtful, committed people.

About Bob Simpson

Bob is project manager of The Australian Media Engagement Project (AMEP). He believes that ethical and independent journalists are vital to the continuing freedom of Australian citizens. You could argue that In recent decades media organisations have subtly subverted journalism to their own private commercial interests, and away from an integrated sense of fairness, well being and shared prosperity in Australian society, especially for the disempowered. AMEP aims to change general media narratives towards greater fairness, well being and shared prosperity in Australia.
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