The Anatomy of Peace – The Arbinger Institute

Good conversation with John (Cossie) Cosgrove, CEO of Arbinger Oceania.

The Arbinger Institute has written two important books “Leadership and Self-Deception” and “The Anatomy of Peace”. They are good reads!

The reason for my interest in Arbinger Institute is that AMEP has a long-term goal to change Australian media narratives to integrate greater fairness, well being and prosperity in Australian society; by

  • Challenging dominant ethical frameworks that drive powerful media organisations;
  • Engaging and encouraging Australian journalists to act ethically and independently; and
  • Recruiting and equipping social advocates to move towards this goal.

We are planning to recruit and train around 50 people in both Melbourne and Sydney as social advocates for the AMEP goal. These people will come from the arts, business, community services, education, health, justice, law, media, politics and sport. We’ll also seek people from science, economics, cultural anthropology, sociology, psychology, theology, and communications technology.

Our conversation with John was around the idea of training AMEP social advocates and others in the way of “The Anatomy of Peace” as a mindset for AMEP communications and engagement with journalists, which in itself could change the narrative in a small way.

I think he saw great opportunities. Naturally, this is early days. We have to recruit people by the end of 2014. Training people will follow.

The idea enthused us both. You might like to comment, though.

Bob Simpson

About Bob Simpson

Bob is project manager of The Australian Media Engagement Project (AMEP). He believes that ethical and independent journalists are vital to the continuing freedom of Australian citizens. You could argue that In recent decades media organisations have subtly subverted journalism to their own private commercial interests, and away from an integrated sense of fairness, well being and shared prosperity in Australian society, especially for the disempowered. AMEP aims to change general media narratives towards greater fairness, well being and shared prosperity in Australia.
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