The Ethical Case for Guest Workers and Migrants

Some of us in AMEP have been thinking about a media engagement event that would seek to attract an audience of people who might have voted a particular way on the “Stop the Boats” drive in the recent election, but are open minded and would change their votes if they could see better social, economic and human-spirit solutions

We’re working on it!

Today, I came upon this book review in Inside Story Good reading for those who are open minded and not captive to political dogma.

The ideas may not be the solution… but a good catalyst for free enquiry.

I hope your exploration leads to a better world; beyond mere materialism.

Bob Simpson

Inside Story is published by the Swinburne Institute in the Faculty of Life and Social Sciences at Swinburne University of Technology in association with the University of Canberra. Articles from Inside Story appear in a bi-monthly liftout published in the Canberra Times. – See more at:



About Bob Simpson

Bob is project manager of The Australian Media Engagement Project (AMEP). He believes that ethical and independent journalists are vital to the continuing freedom of Australian citizens. You could argue that In recent decades media organisations have subtly subverted journalism to their own private commercial interests, and away from an integrated sense of fairness, well being and shared prosperity in Australian society, especially for the disempowered. AMEP aims to change general media narratives towards greater fairness, well being and shared prosperity in Australia.
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