AMEP aims to help change Australian media narratives to integrate greater fairness, well being and prosperity in Australian society; by

  • Challenging dominant ethical frameworks that drive powerful media organisations;
  • Engaging and encouraging Australian journalists to act ethically and independently; and
  • Recruiting and equipping active social leaders to move towards this goal.

A complementary goal is to build a large repository of stories, which have passed through a journalistic lens, and which can be analysed for narrative evidence of the public benefits of our goal.

About AMEP

The Australian Media Engagement Project (AMEP) is now a project initiative of P4T Inc. AMEP was conceived around 2008, recognising the value of media engagement lunches conducted by Bob Simpson and others since 2001. from 2009, this was taken further by TWR Australia and Sophia Think Tank. AMEP continues to evolve. Its present goals recognise the vital importance that ethical journalism plays in protecting the interests of citizens in a civil democratic society.Also, we believe that “good stories”, constantly told and understood, will lead to a more ethical, harmonious Australian society that promises its citizens hope, fairness, well being and prosperity.AMEP is essentially service-oriented movement designed to bring together journalists and other media producers with leaders of Australian society in the Arts, Business, Community Services, Education, Health, Justice, Law, Media, Politics and Sport.The purpose of this engagement is to facilitate more free-flowing, knowledgable information, through the media, to better inform and empower Australian citizens.The following people make up the initial core working group of The Australian Media Engagement Project.
Chair: Dr David Wilson
David has training in Theology, Psychology, and the Social Sciences. His experience covers drug and alcohol counselling and supervision, lecturing in various tertiary level institutions, academic administration, and involvement in various not for profit organizations in management and governance roles. David was an elected Councillor with the City of Melbourne (2004 – 2008) with the portfolio of Community Services and Arts and Culture, and is currently Director of the Sophia Think Tank.
Project Leader: Bob Simpson
After a career in commerce and industry, Bob spent time working with ACCESS Ministries. In his role he realised the Christian community has a very limited effective engagement with Australian people through public media. Along with others he founded a group in which people could engage with media professionals.He later joined and became a Board member of 89.9 Light FM. Later, he worked in one of Melbourne’s largest churches. From 2005 – 2010 he was the National Director of Trans World Radio in Australia. Insights from these experiences convinced him a movement was needed to engage the Christian worldview with the public media, so that the Australian people could rediscover the value of faith for their own lives, and their families and communities. Since then he has worked to establish AMEP.
Andrew Thonemann
Andrew is Founder and CEO of Christian Jobs Australia, Christian Jobs New Zealand and Christian Jobs Online UK. As Executive Chairman of The Mandella Group Andrew specialises in bringing Christian products, publications and services to markets through emerging technologies.

People in AMEP…

Andre Van Eymeren
Andre is CEO of P4T Inc (Partnering for Transformation). This is a movement desiring to serve and partner with others. P4T sees the world through a relational framework and uses Asset-Based Community Development, Relational Thinking, media, education and thought leadership as tools for transforming Australian society towards hope, fairness and well being.